Construction Dumpster Rental Service for Contractors

Frontier Waste Solutions provides affordable construction dumpster rental services for contractors.

Renting a dumpster for construction waste is one of the best ways to keep your job site clean, efficient, and organized. We provide a selection of construction dumpster rental sizes and options to meet the needs of your construction project. 

Not sure how big of a dumpster you need? Depending on your location we carry 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard roll-off containers. Ask your Frontier Rep and they’ll be sure to find the most economical option.

We offer delivery and pickup service throughout most cities in Texas. No matter what project you’re working on, we can get your construction dumpster rental delivered to your job site. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and confidence with every rental we provide.

demolition bins for construction waste

No matter which industry you’re working in, we have the right size container for every occasion. Some of the most common projects that require the use of commercial waste containers are demolition projects, home renovations, roofing projects, and landscaping. Whether you’re building from the ground up or tearing a building down, our dumpster service streamlines your efficiency by keeping waste out of your way.

Construction dumpsters & containers for every contractor

Capacity Length (ft) Height (ft/in) Width (ft/in)
20-yd roll-off
30-yd roll-off
6’ 2”
40-yd roll-off
7’ 6”

Simplify your construction project with a dumpster rental

Our construction dumpster rental services can simplify the entire waste removal process at your job site, allowing you to stay focused on completing your project. We remove the stress and added costs to dispose of your waste materials and allow you to focus on completing your project on time and within budget.

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Concrete and heavy debris removal

Make concrete removal a breeze with a concrete dumpster ready when you need it, where you need it. Dispose of heavy debris, concrete, and dirt waste all in one go with our easy-to-use construction dumpster service. Speak to one of our reps and make sure you’re set up with the right service for hauling heavy material and concrete.

One-on-one support

Our team of dedicated reps is glad to assist you with any questions you have. We aim to assign a rep for each one of our clients to personalize your experience and make your project that much easier.

Rapid response time

Our drivers are always ready for an unexpected pickup if you fill your container faster than you thought. We can switch it up with an empty dumpster or just get your full construction debris dumpster out of your way when you’re ready.

Economical options

Let us figure out the best option for the size and weight of your construction waste. Our dumpsters max out at about 10 tonnes but it depends on the size of the dumpster and your location.

roll off dumpster prices

Landscaping & yard waste disposal

Make yard waste removal easier by having a construction dumpster delivered to your property. Dispose of brushes, clippings, leaves, branches, and stumps easily when you have a construction container to toss everything into. A simple phone call to our reps will enlighten you on everything you need to know about dumpster rentals for yard waste.

Optional sizing

Never pay more than you need to be getting the correct size container to match your project. Our dumpsters cover the simplest of yard cleanups to the largest landscaping remodel.


You can toss yard waste over the dumpster or walk in heavy debris using the dumpster door. Get our best advice on the placement of your roll-off container to make things more accessible for you and/or your workers.

Dependable delivery

You can always count on a waste container for contractors to be delivered on the day you need it. You’ll never delay a landscaping project again because you don’t have one.

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Roofing projects

Simplify any roofing project with one of our reliable construction dumpsters. You can dump sheathing and shingles and related roofing waste into a dumpster that’s sized perfectly to your project. Our construction dumpster rentals are perfect for roofing contractors who want the benefits of reliable dumpster service.

Enhanced convenience

Allow our team to find the perfect spot to place your dumpster so roofers can easily toss in roofing debris. Streamline workflow and reduce labor costs with increased efficiency.

Stress-free process

Fill out our request a quote form to schedule your delivery and pickup date. Simply call when you're done or if you need extra time to finish your roof.

Reliable service

Get a construction dumpster delivered to your job site the very next day (based on availability). We can accommodate your busy schedule with jobs booked on multiple sites.

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Demolition projects

Whether you’re tearing down a small cottage or an entire building, our construction dumpster rentals are the perfect choice for disposing the debris from deconstruction projects. Pile up drywall, brick, broken glass and flooring into one of our containers for safe and efficient waste removal.

Flexible rentals

Change your pick up dates without ruining your project. If things are taking onger than expected we’re ok to extend your agreement at a daily flat rate. No problems, no questions asked.

Keep more money in your pocket

Our goal is to make sure you come back for your next project. Our sales team is dedicated to making sure you can dispose of multiple tonnes of demolition debris in one haul at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Legendary customer service

We love taking care of our clients! Let us know what you need and we will go out of our way to accommodate you in every way possible.

How do we simplify your project?

Our online ordering system makes it easy to order the right dumpster for your project. Simply select the type of dumpster you need, the size, and the rental term, and we’ll deliver it to your job site. If you’re not sure, leave it in the notes and a representative will call you within minutes of your request.

We have a wide range of dumpster sizes available for any type of construction project. Whether you’re renovating a small bathroom or building a new home, we have a dumpster that fits your needs. Our maximum capacity dumpsters can handle up to 40 cubic yards of waste, making them ideal for large construction projects.

We offer flexible rental terms to suit your project’s needs. Whether you need a dumpster for a few days or a few weeks, we can accommodate your request.

Our competitive rates make it easy to budget for waste removal. 

To facilitate loading or unloading, we offer free site surveys to find the perfect placement of your dumpster. Simply choose the delivery date and time that works best for you and let our agents know ahead of time you’d like help in finding the perfect placement.

We pride ourselves on providing prompt, professional service. We’ll deliver your dumpster when and where you need it and pick it up when you’re done.

We strongly support diversion. Our dispatch team will get advanced notice on the general waste you’re disposing of to make plans for any alternative methods of disposal. We work with a variety of recycling companies and construction companies to avoid landfills whenever possible.

We understand the importance of keeping your project on schedule. That’s why we offer prompt delivery and pick up of our dumpsters. We’ll even work around your schedule to ensure minimal disruptions.

Our experienced team is here to help you through every step of the process. We’ll work with you to determine the best solution for your project and ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

We take care of everything from delivery to pick up and disposal. Simply choose the dumpster you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. Our team is available to answer all of your questions and ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Our dumpsters make it easy to get rid of construction waste quickly and efficiently. We not only deliver the dumpster to your project but also place it where you need it, so you can focus on getting the job done.

It’s as simple as 3 easy steps.

1 We deliver the bin to your site
2 You fill it up
3 We haul it away
construction waste disposal containers for rent

What can you throw in our dumpsters?

Our waste containers for contractors are designed to handle all types of construction waste. We handle residential and commercial construction waste including, but not limited to:

  • Concrete and masonry debris: concrete and masonry bricks, pavers, and rocks
  • Metal waste: wood frames, studs, and nails
  • Roofing waste: shingles, underlayment, and sheathing, roofline vents and flashings (tar paper), trees, tree limbs, bushes, and shrubs
  • Roofing debris: small pieces of sheet metal and sheetrock
  • Landscape waste: landscape moss and mulch, stones and rocks
  • Old appliances: old refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, washers, dryers, and dishwashers
  • Carpeting: carpets (uncut), carpet padding
  • Pallets: pallets (large and small)
  • Office waste: leather jackets, rugs, cubicle dividers, and office furniture such as desks

Request a quote from of our specialists to determine which dumpster is the right choice for your contractor disposal services.

Why choose us?

When you rent a dumpster from us you can be confident that we are a fully licensed and insured firm. We have the necessary permits to operate in your area and our team is always up-to-date on the latest safety procedures. Renting from a reputable dumpster rental company means you won’t have to worry about that last-minute change or added expense at the job site.

We know how important good service is to your project. Our customer service representatives are available from Monday to Friday. Our support team is knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced in assisting clients through every construction project.

We understand that a late dumpster can mean added costs and unnecessary headaches for your construction project. That’s why our customers get their delivery ahead of schedule. We understand that timely delivery is important to you, which is why we work hard to ensure your order is always delivered on time.


We offer a wide selection of dumpster sizes and configurations to meet your needs. We’ve been serving individuals and businesses across the country for over 15 years and pride ourselves in excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and quality products.

Ordering a dumpster rental should be a painless process. We make it easy to order online or over the phone. And, we offer nationwide delivery and pickup service so you can get your dumpster rental where it needs to go – when it needs to be there.

When you rent from us, you’re supporting a local business. We’re proud to be a part of the community and strive to give back in every way possible.

Stress-free dumpster rentals for contractors

We are your premier dumpster rental company with locations throughout Texas. Our mission is to make renting a construction dumpster as easy and convenient as possible. 

A dumpster rental is a great way to keep your job site clean and organized and flowing. Our dumpsters are perfect for common construction projects such as roofing projects, new home construction, remodeling jobs, demolition jobs, and heavy debris removal.

We provide next-day delivery based on availability. From the moment you send us a request, our customer service team is looking to make your experience with us easy, economical, and enjoyable. 

Get started today by ordering your construction dumpster rental with our “request a quote form” and we’ll call you back within minutes to discuss a bright future with us working together.

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