Bill Killian Interview With The Pearland Chamber Of Commerce

biol killian interview in Pearland TX

Frontier Waste Solutions will officially begin service to Pearland residents on October 1st, 2021. This video is an interview with Bill Killian, Vice President and South Texas District Manager and Jere, the Membership Co-ordinator of the Pearland Chamber of Commerce. The Bill Killian interview was intended to introduce Frontier Waste Solutions to the businesses and residents of Pearland and accelerate the awareness of a new long-lasting partnership.

For more information on waste collection services for the residents of Pearland click here: https://frontierwaste.com/city-of-pearland

You can also find more information on the government website: https://www.pearlandtx.gov/departments/disposal-services/frontier

City of Pearland crest for the Bill Killian interview

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Jere: Hey Everybody it is time for your Pearland Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight. We’re excited to be here at Frontier Waste Solutions. They are Pearland’s new waste and recycling providers. Let’s go on inside and hear from them. 

Well here we are, inside with Bill Killian and he’s going to tell us all about Frontier Waste Solutions. 

Bill: Thanks Jere, thank you Chamber members, thank you for coming out today, I really appreciate it. Frontier Waste Solutions is a solid waste and recycling hauling service provider throughout Texas from as far north as Lake Texoma as far as Corpus Christi in the south East Dayton and West San Marcus. So we’re in that diamond shape part of Texas that is home to so many Texans and it’s a great business area but none of them are so great as Pearland in our opinion.

Jere: Oh! I agree I agree. Tell us about the services and what people are going to expect.

Bill: About a year and a half ago the city of Pearland went out for a bid, to bid out their recycling and trash hauling. They put a component in their bid that they wanted to go to cart service on the trash as well as the recycling which ya’ll have had for many years. 

Several firms responded and we were selected by the city staff as the most responsive with the best value for the city. I think the folks can expect a Texas-based company coming in and giving excellent service and trying to exceed and expectations y’all have had for waste hauling. We try to be the best service provider we can be and we want to be the best service provider when people think of our company for any service they get. So that’s what we do and we try to provide a great place for people to work and offer great benefits and take care of our folks because we know if we take care of our folks here inside the four walls of our company our people will go out and take care of our customers.

Jere: Alright Bill, thank you so much for your investment in the chamber of commerce. You guys came in joined the chamber right away. I know it’s been a wonderful relationship so far. Let us know how the chamber has affected you and your business.

Bill: Sure Jere. The Chamber has been great to us from day one. In fact, on day one when we stopped, myself and our CFO Alek Orloff stopped to join the chamber it happened to be during COVID so it happened to be a business celebration for the parks a department arm that puts the special needs playground in place. So we were able to meet people who it was important for us to meet. Other business owners, number one, the mayor happened to be there that day-that was great because he supports that project. So right off the bat, I think we met 12 or 13 different business owners. Of course, folks like yourself at the chamber staff and we found out the details that would help us and couple of things were the availability of the conference room because we until we had our place, we didn’t really have a place to meet. Also the other things you offer like these videos and such. So we planned to use during our hiring the chamber became an annex

Cherry: We love to see you guys.

Bill: Yes, it was very helpful and gave us a little more professional manner with folks because we couldn’t just meet folks in a coffee shop and have a professional interview or meeting, so that was a big thing for us. It’s been great.

Jere: Let’s meet the team and let everyone know how to find you guys. How to contact you if they have any questions.

Bill: Sure Jere. From my left, next to Jere, John Briggs, our sales manager. Janet Bettcher, sales and business development here in Pearland. Born and raised Pearland resident. We’re happy to have Janet. Jeff Cecil. All three of these folks have been out in the business community. Many of you have already met one of these three already. They’ve gone out to the business community in a B2B setting about our program, what our rate would be, how the billing would look, etc etc. So the way to get ahold of these folks if you had a question about business to business sales, our phone number is the easiest and that’s in the chamber directory, but it’s 936-25809035

In addition, pretty easy, FrontierWaste.com You can reach us through that. If you also need information about our company on tx.gov website (city pf Pearland) and of course the chamber website where we’re listed. 

On the commercial side, that’s the best way to do it to deal with these folks. On the residential side, since so many business owners are Pearland residents, the absolute best way is to stay in touch is the Frontier App. You can get in the App Store or the Android store where you buy your apps. It’s a free app and what that does iris it gets all residential people in touch with our alerts, our informational programs. It’s a really good way to stay in touch and get upcoming changes to your program. 

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