Dumpster Permits In Texas

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The question of dumpster permits and when you need one is bound to surface as you look into renting a dumpster. For those living in residential areas, the question of when you need a dumpster permit is even more pressing. 

Do I need a permit to rent a dumpster?

The general rule of thumb regarding dumpster permits and when you need them depends on the location of your dumpster. Anytime you need to place your dumpster rental on public property, a permit is typically required. 

If you don’t have sufficient room on your driveway or private property, a permit may need to be obtained to place the dumpster on the street or sidewalk. These types of permits are known as “right of way permits” (ROW). Other forms of public property also require a permit for dumpster placement (parking lot, public park, government property, etc). 

Frontier Waste takes care of the dumpster permits for dumpster rentals on public property

By keeping the space requirements for your dumpster rental in mind, you should have a good idea of when you may need to look into getting a permit. Dumpster rentals need ample room for both the dumpster itself and the truck delivering/picking up it. 

The average driveway is usually plenty of space, but in tight city lots, you may not have that luxury. In such cases, you’ll need to get a permit to place your dumpster on the street or sidewalk without any setbacks. Cities require these permits for various reasons; some require it when the dumpster could be in the way of pedestrians, and others may require it for dumpsters that are out and visible to passersby.

How To Apply For A Permit

The permit application process varies from one city to another. In most cases, the company you rent your dumpster from is responsible for obtaining the permit and knowing when it’s needed. Frontier Waste Solutions handles the permits for most cities in Texas. (Speak to your representative if you’re unsure). 

  1. Find out if your area requires a permit

If your dumpster rental company doesn’t provide a permit for your rental, you’ll need to get the permit yourself, which is an easy process. You’ll usually need to check with your public works department to see if a permit is needed and where you can get one. You can often find these application forms on your city’s official government website. 

  1. Get in touch with your homeowner’s association and/or public works department

You should always check with your local homeowners association to see if you need a permit. In many cases, homeowner’s associations have different bylaws and regulations. Avoid any fines or warnings by keeping the line of communication open with your homeowner association when you’re considering renting a dumpster for your project. 

  1. Fill out the appropriate form

Once you find the correct form, you simply fill it out and wait for it to be processed. It’s a good idea to do this a week or so before you plan to start your project, as the approval and processing times can take several days or even weeks in certain cities. 

On the shorter end of the stick, processing times can only take 24 hours. Most dumpster permit forms can be filled out and processed online, but in some Texas cities, you’ll need to fill out the forms and mail them to the waste department in your area. Check the official website of your city to guide you on which route to take. 

What To Know Before You Request A Permit

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind as you consider your dumpster’s street or sidewalk location is potential obstructions and blockages. Namely, you don’t want to block things like drains, fire hydrants, loading zones, bus stops, or parking meters. 

Most cities also request that dumpsters are placed at least twenty feet from turns and corners to give drivers a clear line of sight. 

As you’re going through the permit process, you’ll likely need to know the name of your dumpster rental company and their contact information. You’ll need that same information about yourself, namely your address and a detailed description of where you’d like to put your dumpster. The dates of your rental period are also important to have on hand. 

If your neighbor is requesting a permit during the time period you’d like one, it can become difficult or impossible to get yours in a timely manner. The time hiccups involved in the permit process are why you should aim to begin the permit process at least a week before you plan on having your dumpster delivered. 

Permit Fees

The cost of a dumpster permit is typically low, starting at ten dollars and increasing depending on your location and the amount of time your dumpster will be on public property. Most city websites will detail the prices for dumpster permits, among other permit prices. 

For example, you can find permit costs in Houston on their website. Keep in mind that some government websites may post their pricing based on your county rather than your city.

At Frontier Waste Solutions, we handle all permits so you don’t have to. If you have any questions about permit requirements when renting your dumpster, feel free to contact us anytime during business hours. 

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