How to Choose a Dumpster Rental Company

choosing a dumpster company

With the amount of information online and elsewhere about dumpster rentals, the deciding process can be confusing. For new renters, this influx of information often does more harm than good. Below are the guidelines we recommend for how to choose a dumpster rental company. Being familiar with this list is a great way to set you up for a successful project. 

how to choose a dumpster rental company

1. Keep your project waste in mind

Before you pick out a dumpster rental company, consider what you’ll be throwing away. Most companies have guidelines regarding what they can and cannot haul away for you. This may depend on the waste regulations in your area, which a reputable dumpster rental company will communicate. 

Dumpster Sizes

WIth your project in mind, check for dumpsters that will hold your predicted amount of waste. A good rental company will post their dumpster sizes to ensure you’re aware of all your options. 

2. Pricing and additional fees

Your dumpster rental company of choice should be transparent with how and what they charge. Some companies may charge by the ton, which may be beneficial for you if you don’t expect to have much waste.

 Look for flat-rate pricing, as this gives you the best chance of avoiding hidden fees. With that being said, some additional fees are unavoidable and charged in the best interest of the company. 

Additional fees

Dumpster rental companies are likely to charge a fee for the following reasons:

  • If you overload your dumpster and surpass the maximum weight.
  • You throw in prohibited waste items (read what items you can throw in a dumpster)
  • Blocking the haulers from picking up your dumpster also adds a fee.
  • If you need the dumpster longer than you stated in your initial rental period

These fees are in place for both your safety and company employees’. A reputable dumpster rental company will tell you about any additional fees, making it easy for you to avoid them. 

3. Customer Service

Look for a dumpster rental company that keeps you informed. Customer service employees should answer all questions in a way that makes sense, clarifying anything that doesn’t. They should understand that you want to choose the best company for your needs and be able to explain why they are the best fit for you. And if they aren’t a good fit, it’s just as important to know that, too. 

4. Rental Times

Knowing how long one rental lasts is important. Check the allotted timeline posted by a dumpster rental company; this will also help you determine if one rental period is enough or if you’ll want to add an extension. If you keep the rented dumpster past its rental period will add fees to your bill. If you’re unsure about the length of time you’ll need, it’s a good idea to make your rental period a bit longer. 

5. Proximity To You

Choosing a dumpster rental company near you has its benefits. Without long travel times, you can begin your project sooner and without any additional travel fees. Speed is especially important if you plan to reuse dumpster rental services, as you want a company that can provide continual services in a timely manner. 

6. Quality Equipment

If a dumpster rental company provides rusty, damaged dumpsters, they’re not the one for you. Look for quality equipment in good condition, without any rust or corrosion. This extends to other equipment, like their trucks and hauling equipment. Keeping equipment in good condition speaks to the quality and priorities of the company as a whole. 

7. Disposal Methods And Guidelines 

Consider what will happen to your trash after it is hauled away. Will it be disposed of properly, in a way that’s safe for others and the environment? Will my recyclable items be recycled? 

A reputable dumpster rental company will have experience answering these questions and putting your mind at ease. They will prioritize safe disposal and ensure that what can be recycled is. With a history of professional waste disposal, a good dumpster rental company will know each detail of safe disposal and how to lower the effect on the environment.


It’s important to have a clear sense of what waste is and isn’t accepted by your provider. Your waste will vary by project, like sinks and tubs for a bathroom renovation and drywall and cement for others. 

A good dumpster rental company will lay out its guidelines for each type of waste, ensuring you don’t throw away something prohibited and get a fee tacked on. Proper communication is vital here, for their representatives and yourself.

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