5 Inexpensive Gravel Driveway Edging Ideas for Dallas Homeowners

concrete edging for a corporate driveway

Does your gravel get washed away every time it rains? Do you want to protect your lawn and inhibit other drivers from swerving into your driveway? If your answer is yes, your driveway needs proper edging. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve good edging. There are a handful of inexpensive gravel driveway edging ideas and options.

Gravel driveways require edging to keep them in place and looking neat. The borders create an aesthetic margin between your driveway and the surrounding lawn or landscaping and define the perimeter of your driveway. 

So depending on your preferred style and budget, you can use one of the following inexpensive gravel driveway edging ideas to keep your driveway neat and beautiful. 

brick is one the most inexpensive gravel driveway edging ideas to implement

Why Should I Edge My Driveway?

Edging is an essential element when it comes to gravel driveway maintenance. It serves multiple purposes. It contains gravel within the driveway, prevents erosion, and enhances the overall appearance of your property. By investing in proper edging, you can avoid the hassle of gravel spreading onto your lawn or garden beds, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. 

In addition, edging can act as a barrier between your driveway and the surrounding soil. This helps to prevent weeds from taking over the gravel surface and creating an unsightly appearance. While the real estate market may play a role in your decision to remodel, edging is a no-brainer investment.

Consider using one of these inexpensive gravel driveway edging ideas to help you achieve the look you want. 

1. River Rocks

River rocks are well-suited for gravel driveways as they offer a smooth and rounded surface. This makes them compatible with the loose nature of gravel, preventing the risk of sharp edges damaging vehicle tires or causing tripping hazards. They can include larger stones for the outer edging and smaller river rocks throughout the driveway. 

As a bonus, they are available in different colors, meaning you can choose a hue that perfectly complements the existing color scheme of your home. 

Its porous nature can make it an inviting environment for weeds. To prevent them, lay down sand or landscaping fabric beneath to create a weed barrier. For relatively low prices, you can find river rocks at local garden centers, landscaping supply stores, or even online retailers.

2. Bricks or Pavers 

Using bricks or pavers for gravel edging is a budget-conscious choice. This choice looks excellent and creates a cohesive look for your property, particularly if your home features brick siding. Further customization is possible through various design options, such as vertical or horizontal lining, to create a visually appealing border. 

Installation is easy. Dig a shallow trench at the edge of your gravel driveway and fill it with sand before adding the bricks or pavers. You can find these items at any home improvement store, often for very reasonable prices. Maintenance is also simple: just sweep or wash away dirt, and replace any bricks that become loose. 

3. Strip Edging

Strip edging is pretty affordable and durable. As the name suggests, it involves laying metal, rubber, or plastic strips along the edge of your driveway to keep gravel in check. They are nearly invisible but effective at containing gravel of all types. The most common strip edging ideas are:

Bender boards: They are made from recycled plastics and designed for outdoor use. 

Aluminum strip: Aluminum strip edging is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Its shiny appearance also makes it a visually appealing choice. 

Rubber strip: This type of edging is easy to install and provides superior flexibility, which makes it great for curved driveways. 

Strip edging offers some flexibility; they can bend for curves or form a straight line. It’s also very easy to install, just line up the pieces and use anchors or stakes to keep them in place. The downside is that the strips are not as aesthetically pleasing as other options, but they will keep your gravel driveway neat and tidy. 

4. Wood Edging

Wood edging is an excellent choice if you want something more rustic than strip and masonry for your gravel driveway. Wood edging has a natural beauty that can look great in many landscapes, particularly those with a more traditional or country vibe.

Wood edging isn’t as robust as masonry or strip – any heavy rainfall can wash it away. Set the edging deep enough into the ground and secure it with stakes to prevent this. If any pieces start to become loose, you can easily replace them without having to redo all of your work. 

Wood edging also requires a bit more maintenance – every year or two, you will need to check the wood and apply a sealant or preservative. This will help protect it from weathering, rot, and pests. If you want your edging to look its best, sand any rough edges down and give it a coat of paint to freshen up the color.

5. Stone Edging 

Cobblestone and Belgian blocks are popular choices for edging gravel driveways, as they provide a classic, timeless look. Stone edging is strong and permanent – it will last for years with little to no maintenance.

Flat cobblestone edging is ideal for compact driveways, as it won’t take up too much space while still adding a nice aesthetic. Belgian blocks are better suited to driveways with curves, as they can be cut and adjusted to fit whatever shape you need. To install, dig a trench and lay the stones into place. Use concrete or mortar to secure them if needed.

Stone edging may not be as cost-effective as other options and may require professional installation if you’re not confident in your abilities. They can also be difficult to remove, so if you think you might want to change the look of your driveway in the future, it’s best to choose a different option. 

Enhance your gravel driveway on a budget

An edging can make all the difference in providing a neat, attractive border to your driveway. It saves you money by reducing the need for frequent curb maintenance. Edging also plays a vital role in inhibiting soil erosion and protecting your driveway from chipping and deterioration. Make it stand out with these inexpensive gravel driveway edging ideas that are easy to install and won’t break the bank. 

You can always hire a professional to pave your driveway and considering all these advantages, investing in driveway edging is a worthwhile endeavor. And the best part is there is a wide variety of edging materials available to suit your preferences.

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