Who Picks Up Garbage In My Area?

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If you’re new to an area or have never set up a trash service before, you might be wondering “Who picks up garbage in my area”?

The answer to that question is: It depends.

There are over 900 cities in the state of Texas and the waste service providers change from city to city. Depending on the type of service you require may also impact who picks up trash in your area.

If your city falls anywhere in the diamond-shaped service area that’s formed by Lake Texoma, Corpus Christi, San Marcus and Dayton, there’s a good chance Frontier is your first choice to pick up garbage in your area.

Major cities Frontier provides waste collection services

Frontier provides service in the major cities shown above and every city that lies in between them.

There’s more information needed to accurately answer the question What trash company services my area? The reason this isn’t a simple question is that there are four types of service the top garbage companies offer. In some cities, you can only get service from one trash company. In others, there’s an open market where you can choose between providers.

#1: Municipal Contract Services

Some cities have contracts with trash companies for the regular weekly residential service. To find out which trash company services your city check the municipal website (read below). If Frontier is your provider, we’ve published a page just for you. Search your city on the Find My City search bar in the top right corner of this page.

#2: Residential Waste Collection Services

There are many small cities and towns who DON’T have an official franchise trash collection schedule. This is the case for rural areas and those outside of city limits. The only way to see who will service you is to ask! Send us a message through our Request a Quote form and we’ll contact you immediately with a response on how we can help you get the service you need.

#3: Commercial Trash Disposal Services

Some cities don’t require commercial trash service to be through a franchise provider. If you’re asking who picks up garbage in my area for businesses then you can choose between those who serve the open market in your city. Send us a message and we’ll make sure you get an accurate and timely response on the service you need.

#4: Roll-Off Construction Dumpsters

Whether it’s for your home or business, the city does not provide roll-off dumpsters as a scheduled service. The best way to see who picks up trash in your area with roll-off dumpster service is to send us a message (if your city isn’t already on our website). We have a huge inventory of roll-off construction dumpsters that come in different sizes.

Use Google to find what trash company services your area

Here is a list of ways to search Google and figure out what trash company series your area. Keep in mind that there are different options for different services.

Find the franchise garbage company that picks up trash in your area

If you’re looking for the OFFICIAL trash collection company that services your area, simply jump on the municipal website and check. Most large cities have a franchise service provider that does the regularly scheduled trash pickups.

Go to the official website for your city

The official franchise waste service provider is always listed on the government website for that city. Your city website address could be the name of your city, followed by Texas.gov or TX.gov

For example, the city of Austin’s website would be:


Official city of Austin website lists who picks up trash in the Austin area

Another way cities have set up their website is with the “TX” after their name.

For example, the city of Pearland’s website would be:


It’s also possible that the URL of your city website is (your city).org

For example, Grandview’s city website is:


Search Google for the official website of your city

To find the page that lists the waste service provider on your city’s official website for your city, enter the following into Google:

[your city] + Texas + waste services

In many situations, you’ll get the city’s website as the first “blue link” on the search engine result page.

To find "who picks up garbage in my area" search for your city+texas waste services like in this example for Grandview

If your city is extremely small and does not have an official city website, there’s a good chance you don’t have a franchise service provider. Regardless, you should see other waste service providers in the search results that will answer the question of what company picks up my garbage. 

Here’s a search for “Calvert Texas waste services” that turns up Frontier Waste Solutions as a top blue link.

A search for Calvert Texas waste services shows Frontier in the #2 position-which answers the question "Who is my trash company"

Does Frontier provide residential service in my city?

Want to know if Frontier Waste Solutions services your city? No problem. There are three different options for different scenarios.

Option #1: Request a quote

The best way to find out is to send a request for service using our “Request A Quote” form. Simply send us a message with the service you want and we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Option #2: Search for your city on our website

You can search our website using the “Find My City” search bar on the top right side of the navigation bar.

Find my city search function on the Frontier Website

If Frontier is a franchise provider for your city, we’ve made a page just for you. Click on the page to access all of the information you need about your program.

City of Pearland Municipal information page on trash and recycling program

For alerts and up-to-date info about your service, download the Frontier App. You can do this from the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play Store for Android devices.

IMPORTANT! If we don’t have a page specifically for your city it doesn’t mean we won’t provide service to you! It may just be that we’re not a franchise provider (or we haven’t published your city’s page yet).

Option #3: Check our service areas

Check our service areas drop-down menu. We’ve listed some of the largest cities we service that are considered “open market cities” which means residents and businesses are free to hire any garbage company they choose. 

Additionally, we service a large number of cities outside of the city limits of our major open market cities. In fact, many people who lie outside the city limits are the ones that need us the most. 

How to get garbage picked up up at your address

When it’s all said and done, we want to be the garbage collection company you can rely on. One of the sure-fire safest bets to find out who picks up garbage in your area is to send us a message to find out if we service your address. Don’t be shy, we’re always willing to talk trash!

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