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Dallas, TX

Whether you’re a large or small contractor, roofer, or just a DIY homeowner we offer a reliable roll-off dumpster service in Dallas for your project. Choose between 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard roll-off containers for prompt, efficient and scheduled deliveries exactly where you need them on your project or residence. When you’re looking for a dumpster rental in Dallas, TX we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re in Dallas, Garland, Irving, Farmer’s Branch, Carrolton, or Addison, we make waste disposal an easy process with our legendary customer service. Submit the request a quote form to start service on your project.

Choose from 3 standard sizes of roll-off containers

20-yard roll off dumpster rental

20 Yard Dumpster

Dimensions: 4’H x 8’W x 20’L
Best use examples: Heavy debris, home cleanouts, remodelling cleanup

30-yard roll-off dumpster rentals

30 Yard Dumpster

Dimensions: 6’2”H x 8’W x 20”L
Best use examples: Office, large home renovation projects, junk removal

40-yard construction dumpster rental

40 Yard Dumpster

Dimensions: 7’5”H x 8’W x 20’L
Best use examples: Large construction and remodeling


The size of your container plays a big role in the total cost of your project. If you go too small, you may need multiple hauls. If you go too big, you may be paying more than you need.Not sure what size is the right size for your project? Call us today for a quick consultation and quote for the needs of your project. We have years of experience in dealing with waste disposal in all industries. When you work with us you’re getting the best pricing on a temporary roll-off construction dumpster rental Dallas, TX.

How to choose the right size of your

Dallas construction dumpster

At Frontier Waste Solutions, we have specialists to take good care of you and answer any questions you might have. We offer free site surveys to make sure that your site is equipped with the perfect-sized dumpster rental Dallas offers. When we arrive, we survey your site to ensure the placement is in a spot that’s safe and convenient for your needs as well as our drivers. Here are the specs on each construction dumpster rental in Dallas, TX:

20-yard roll-off container

The 20-yard dumpster is a popular choice because of its versatility to be matched with many different kinds of projects. When you’re deciding on the size of your container, you need to consider the size and nature of your project.

A 20-yard dumpster is perfect for roofing projects that require tearing off and disposing of asphalt shingles. It can also be suitable for single-room home renovations (such as a bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom). You can also use 20-yard roll-off containers for heavy brush and landscaping tear-outs.

20-yard dumpster rental dallas tx

What's the capacity of a 20-Yard dumpster?

A 20-yard dumpster holds 20 cubic yards of waste. Another way of thinking about it is by saying it can hold about 6 pickup trucks worth of garbage or about 120 33-gallon trash bags. 

The weight of the material you’re loading not only affects what size dumpster you receive but also affects how high the container can be filled. Typically a 20 yd roll-off is generally 3 to 5 tons or 6,000 to 10,000 pounds. This of course varies on the density and heaviness of the material you are throwing away.

20-yard dumpster dimensions

Our 20-yard construction dumpsters are approximately 20 feet long X 8 feet wide X 4 feet in height.

30-yard roll-off container

Our most available and demanded size container in the Dallas market is 30 cubic yards roll-off dumpster. A 30-yard dumpster is a next size up from the 20-yard container. A 30-yard construction dumpster is reserved for projects that generate construction and demolition debris. This includes new home construction, building demolitions, estate cleanouts and large renovations.

Get a 30-yard roll-off container delivered in Dallas

What's the capacity of a 30-yard dumpster?

A 30-yard dumpster holds 30 cubic yards of waste. This is about the equivalent of 8 pickup trucks worth of garbage or 180 33-gallon trash bags. Remember this is volume only and the weight of your load also needs to be taken into account. There is a limit to how much you can fill a dumpster depending on the weight of your waste.

Think about 30 cubic yards of concrete compared to 30 cubic yards of dry brush. The weight of the container would be incredibly different.

Dimensions of a 30-yard roll-off container

Our 30-yard roll-off dumpsters are approximately 20 feet long X 8 feet wide X 6 feet 2 inches tall. 

40-yard roll-off container

The 40-yard roll-off’s are the largest roll-off containers available. They are perfect for large items, homes or buildings, new home construction and demolitions. If your project generates a massive amount of waste you may need the big daddy of roll-off containers: The 40-yard construction dumpster.

40-yard construction dumpster

What's the capacity of a 40-yard dumpster?

A 40-yard dumpster holds 40 cubic yards of waste. You can also picture the equivalent of about 240 33-gallon trash bags or 12 pickup trucks worth of garbage. Again, the weight of the material you’re loading will affect the height that you can fill your container. 

Dimensions of a 40-yard roll-off dumpster

Our 40-yard roll-off dumpsters are 20 feet long X 8 feet wide X 7.5 feet tall

Construction waste disposal in Dallas

A temporary roll-off container is perfect for construction waste disposal, estate clean-outs, and any project that generates a large amount of debris and needs to be removed quickly and safely. We have a team ready to set you up with a construction dumpster anywhere in the DFW area and beyond. You’ll have a quote within minutes of your request and unlike many in the market, get your container there when YOU need it!

The city of Dallas is the official headquarters of Frontier Waste Solutions, serving a number of major cities such as Garland, Irving, Carrolton, Farmers Branch, Deep Ellum, the Trinity River, and Addison with superior service. We certainly take care of our Dallas residents and businesses with the highest level of care and customer service. 

When you need the best construction dumpster rental Dallas TX offers, we’re literally “At your disposal”.

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster in Dallas?

The short answer is that it depends on the nature and area of your project. Your price is determined by the transportation and disposal costs at the closest landfill in the market. Our specialists will need to know what you plan on loading into the container. We also need to estimate how heavy the haul will be, how long you plan on renting for and the duration of your project.

Our rates are extremely competitive and transparent, unlike some of our competition. It’s not uncommon for other companies to hit you with unannounced fees, surcharges and add-on’s until they bill you. We offer haul plus disposal rates as well as flat rates for our containers. It’s important to have a quick discussion on the details of your project before we quote you on roll away container rental services.

How to prepare for your container rental:

Choose the right location

The most ideal situation is to have your Dallas dumpster placed on a hard flat surface. This makes it easy to be delivered and easy to load on our truck once you’ve filled it up. 

The area should be free of long hanging branches or wires that could potentially obstruct the delivery of an empty container or get in the way of hauling your waste away. The trucks we use to deliver and haul away your dumpster will need at least 60 feet to approach the delivery spot and 21 feet in clearance height.

Contact us today to schedule your roll-off dumpster service

Our waste solutions include front-loading bins for commercial trash service, compactors, and roll-off rentals. Your “near me” search has come to an end if you looking for service throughout the Dallas area, including near Deep Ellum, the Trinity River, and Love Field. We look forward to working with you and building a long-lasting partnership. If you’re ready for dumpster service in Dallas or have any more questions for us, fill out the Request A Quote form and we’ll get back to you promptly. We look forward to servicing you and your project!

Frequently Asked Qustions

A roll-off dumpster is a container that’s delivered to you for a specified amount of time. These temporary dumpster rentals are commonly used for construction projects, home renovations, special events, and any project that requires a large dumpster for waste collection and disposal.

A temporary roll-off container is suitable for excessive garbage collection for the life of a project or event. If the amount of waste that accumulates is greater than what is allowed in a “bulk pickup” then choose the most affordable roll-off rental Dallas offers and call Frontier.

The options to choose from are the size of the container, the delivery date and the pickup date. You can also choose a compactor or smaller container from our commercial trash service for recurring waste disposal.

The cost of a rental depends on the your location, size of the container, material you’re hauling, the length of time you require, and the number of pickups you request during the life of your project. 

Frontier is the exclusive waste management service provider for thousands of homes and businesses. We know exactly how to make the process for waste disposal as smooth as possible. We keep our rates highly competitive and accommodate our clients in every way possible to ensure a long-lasting partnership.

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